Sydney Taylor in the Blogosphere

It is interesting to see that the Sydney Taylor Book Award is getting mentioned quite a bit in the blogosphere. In fact, there was quite a stir this year among children’s literature bloggers when Fuse #8 was one of the first to announce the 2007 award winners. Then Jen Robinson’s Book Page announced that Fuse #8 had announced the winners! Cynsations credited Fuse #8 with letting her know about the awards and went on to write an enthusiastic post about award-winner Julia’s Kitchen; she also linked back to earlier interviews she’s done with other STBA winners in the past. And, as should be expected, a winner who blogs should blog about her award! Esme Raji Codell, whose Vive la Paris got the STBA silver medal, let her adoring public know about it on PlanetEsme. Finally, a roundup of these postings was provided by Chicken Spaghetti.

Silver medalist Yellow Star was talked up on A Year of Reading (again with credit to Fuse #8).

In a meta-STBA posting, Blog from the Windowsill announced the awards announcement from STBA Chair Rachel Kamin that appeared on the podcast The Book of Life.

We even got some mildly negative press – Boston 1775 posted a kvetch about the historical unprovability (is that a word?) of the legend of George Washington’s meeting with a Jewish soldier, upon which STBA winner Hanukkah at Valley Forge is based.

And now, of course, here we are on the STBA blog, blogging about all these other blogs. Go figure…


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